We are transforming schoolyards into
experiential classrooms without walls.

It All Started With A Seed...

Well, a seed of an idea: To empower students and teachers to embrace outdoor learning and transform schoolyards into vibrant classrooms without walls.

Inspired by the success of the original Environmental Club at Hillside School, our team came together to share decades of experience with other schools and students in need.

Supported by Katrina Macht, the visionary behind the initial program, and a dedicated team of colleagues, our nonprofit organization, SeedEd, began to sprout.

Hillside's Backyard - Late 1990s before
Hillside's Backyard - 2019 After

Our Mission

We believe in hands-on learning and fostering responsibility for the environment.

Our team, led by passionate educators and environmentalists, provides knowledge, infrastructure, and fundraising assistance to each school we work with. We create physical native habitats and seamlessly integrate outdoor spaces into school programs and lessons. Our goal is to sow the seeds of transformative education and environmental stewardship, one schoolyard at a time

What We're Trying to Achieve

Our goal is to create outdoor spaces that inspire students to embrace nature and experiential learning, while building a connection with the natural world. We want these schoolyards to be hubs where teachers introduce innovative teaching methods and students take ownership of their community. By involving students in the development and maintenance of these spaces, we empower them to make a positive impact on their environment and society. Our hope is to create a generation of engaged students ready to make a meaningful difference.

Volunteer with Us!

We're always looking for more folks willing to get their hands dirty (both figuratively and literally)!

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    Looking to have your own Outdoor Classrooms?

    If you think your school would be interested in growing your own outdoor classroom, please reach out to us.

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